Leewords Editorial Services

editing, indexing, proofreading

Leewords can help you prepare your text for its debut in the marketplace with

  • superior editing
  • professional proofreading
  • skilled indexing

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. . . and now a few words from some satisfied customers:

  • “Therese approaches her work for our organization with diligence, precision and efficiency. Her attention to detail and ability to meet even the tightest of deadlines has made her an instrumental addition to our team.”
  • “The editor didn’t give me any notes on what needs to be done, only that I need someone to work on it who is “really good.” I, of course, thought of you.”
  • “I’ve reviewed the indexes, thank you very much for your diligence.”
  • “I think the subheadings are helpful, and I appreciate the style of your indexing.”
  • “I am very grateful for your clear eye and helpful edits.”