Copy Editing Services

Copy editing is a key step in the process of preparing a manuscript (newsletter, report, book, essay, etc.) for publishing.

Copy editors work with the manuscript and the publisher and/or author to catch and correct errors and inconsistencies in the text. They ensure the reader has a good experience with your book or document and is not distracted by errors creeping in.

 Basic copy editing involves

  • correcting mechanical errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.
  • ensuring consistency in other style elements (hyphenation, list format, etc.)
  • verifying correlations in citations, chapter headings, tables, and figures
  • pointing out passages that are very wordy or confusing or factually incorrect
  • indicating where permissions are required

 Structural and stylistic editing goes beyond light copy editing. The editor works more closely with the structure of the manuscript and the style of expression, including

  • rewriting and/or reorganizing passages to clarify meaning
  • finding and fixing gaps in logic
  • verifying facts

Rates for editing are industry standards and depend on the nature and complexity of the manuscript and the type of editing sought by the author/publisher.

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