A poor index is simply a list of all of the key words in a book. A good index is a guide to the contents of a book. An excellent index is a work of art. It is intuitive, occasionally entertaining, and extremely helpful. Most importantly, it takes the reader exactly where they want to go.


  • Ida Rubinstein: Revolutionary Dancer, Actress, and Impresario (by Judith Chazin-Bennahum), published March 2022.
  • Lives Beyond Borders: US Immigrant Women’s Life Writing, Nationality, and Social Justice (by Ina C. Seethaler), published November 2021.
  • New Perspectives in Modern Korean Buddhism: Institution, Gender, and Secular Society (by Hwansoo Ilmee Kim and Jin Y. Park), to be published December 2022


University of California, Berkeley

  • Indexing: Theory and Application 

Ryerson University

  • Indexing for Books, Journals, and Reports

Simon Fraser University

  • Indexing: An Essential Art and Science



I produce user-friendly indexes at competitive rates. Working with the author and/or publisher, I create an index that meets length and style specifications and conveys the central themes and ideas of the text. I use dedicated index software for professional results.

Rates are commonly based on cost per indexable page and vary depending on the complexity of the work. The best way to estimate cost is to provide a 10-page sample from the middle of the book for evaluation. Email me at celine@leewords.ca