A poor index is simply a list of all of the key words in a book. A good index is a guide to the contents of a book. An excellent index is a work of art. It is intuitive, occasionally entertaining, and extremely helpful. Most importantly, it takes the reader exactly where they want to go.


 Ryerson University

  • Indexing for Books, Journals, and Reports

Simon Fraser University

  • Indexing: An Essential Art and Science



I produce user-friendly indexes at competitive rates. Working with the author and/or publisher, I create an index that meets length and style specifications and conveys the central themes and ideas of the text. I use dedicated index software for professional results.

Rates are commonly based on cost per indexable page. Depending on the complexity of the work, the cost may range from $3 to $6 per indexable page. The best way to estimate cost is to provide a 10-page sample from the middle of the book for evaluation. Email me at celine@leewords.ca